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emigrating to the united states. it was a great magnet for talent for canada. i came and went to graduate school in the united states. ended up owing $500 to my law school and i had like a -year-old chevrolet and had a wonderful experience in this country. it is open in many ways, that are so unique to this country and to this culture and it was pacific northwestly clear to me why anybody with energy and talent would want to move here, because of the opportunities that were created not just in terms of economic opportunities but just in general. -- perfectly clear to me why anybody with energy and would want want to move here. it was much less -- there is much less prejudice in this society. merit and talent was a much more important quotient but have i to say that despite all of this experience that would have and has made me very optimistic on so many levels, i have developed an increasing sense of pessimism about where we are going in the future. future. . re ng in the future. the main reason for that, frankly, is the propensity of the american system now to produce weekly -- leadershi
, they said, take care of yourself to get reelected. >> the opposite of a democrat in the united states, the difference is a conservative, not a republican. you cannot be -- a republican if you are not against big spending. >> keep thinking that. >> here is what i would say. what i would say is, look at virginia. bob macdonald reached over, not by moderating his principles, but by saying that his principles were not only good for saying, no. he says he wants to grow the economy, but he just wants us to do it, not washington. there is a positive, republican agenda out there. we will see more of that in 2010. >> when i first opted to propose the question, this was slightly more off-base. i want to bring up the idea. i came down here from boston, where republican was a dirty word. not because of the belief system but the reputation. my question is how much opinion is placed in the word, republican or democrat. and how much is in the ideology. how much will this affect things over the last year? how much has that changed? >> it is an interesting attachment to the word republican, as there i
of the united states? i find that shameful, sir. >> my title is general after 32 years of military service. >> i apologize. >> -- wounded in action i'm offended by your deliberate marginalization of my viewpoint and let me know what to say -- >> i was quoting you, sir, are those not quotes? are the quotes, yes or no? >> i'm offended by your language. >> you are offended by your quotes? >> let me go on to respond -- >> what part of your quotes of and you? >> are you going to let me answer? >> i have five minutes i can do whatever i wish. so, go ahead. i want to know are you offended by your quotes? i was quoting you. >> if you're asking me if i think the cubans are a national security threat to the united states my answer is if you ask for the top 20 national security threats they wouldn't be among them. now, my actual viewpoint, however, is that u.s. national interest will be better served by lifting the travel ban, by engaging in diplomatic contact with them and indeed -- >> my specific questions were asking you whether you do not feel that our security would be at any risk by your quotes sayin
the united states and india have not always been one. during the cold war, many saw india as unfriendly, which it might have been. during -- at the end of the cold war, there were opportunities to securitized. in the past several years, there has been a lifting of sanctions culminating in the historic civil nuclear accord. now, there@@@@@@h@ @ @ @ @ @ @ r strategic partnership. there is a need for wide ranging consultation to in grain habits of consultation -- to ingrain minister for being here. i want to welcome his entire delegation, including his most able ambassador and want to thank the gentleman standing here, lee hamilton, who is president and director of the woodrow wilson international center. i could not be more pleased to introduce the prime minister. lee hamilton resented the ninth district in the u.s. house of representatives and he is a model of what a legislator of to be. -- ought to be. congressman hamilton? [applause] >> good evening to you all and thank you for coming. i told the prime minister a moment ago that he was appearing before an extraordinary washington audie
of the united states. it is urgently needed. the president knows that achieving this goal will be difficult, but he also has said that he will not weaver and his persistent pursuit of comprehensive peace in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his administration to the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations and to the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes the prospects@@@@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ to be clear, the steps we have suggested to all parties, israel, the plinds, and the arab states, to improve the atmosphere for negotiations are not ends in themselves. and they certainly are not preconditions to negotiations. but they can make a valuable contribution toward achieving our goal of successful negotiations that result in a two-state solution. that's why we've urged the palestinians to expand and improve their security efforts and to take strong and meaningful action on incitement. it's why we urged the arab states to take steps toward normalization of relations with israel. and it's why we've urged israel to stop settlement activity. to stop settlement activ
governance. in other words, what is the role of the united states as a very significant shareholder in general motors. we're not looking at it from the auto industry but across the institution where we have a significant interest and what role the united states is playing in the management of those companies. the united states is the government the obama administration stated repeatedly that it wants to have the board run the company the way they deem appropriate and that's obviously a policy balance against the concerns raised by you which is taxpayer money being used to fund opal and make sure europeans maintain their jobs. we're going to do an audit product that really takes a look at what the obama administration has said its role is going to be and compare to what's actually happened and see how those match up and come up with some ideas and recommendations going forward. so we're going to take a look from an audit perspective but it's important to remember that when this money was invested, whether it was with general motors or citi or in the capital purchase program, differen
about his new autobiography, and his 20 years in the united states senate. this is live on c-span every day, at 7:00 eastern. the center for american progress will have a forum on the u.s. education system tomorrow morning, including remarks by the education secretary, arnie duncan, and new york mayor michael blumberg. this is 8:00 eastern. >> the yeas are 60, the nays are 39. the motion is agreed upon. >> with that, the senate is moving the health care bill to the floor. starting on monday and through december, follow every minute of debate, and see how this would affect access to health care, abortion, and medicare, on the only network that gives you the senate, -- 2-gavel, c-span2. >> -- gavel to gavel, c-span2. >> the president and his wife hosted the indian prime minister. we have our coverage behind the scenes. >> this is the first state dinner of the obama administration, and the third for thindia in one decade. these are being held behind me and we are joined by nia-maleka henderson. who are some of the notable people tonight? >> oprah winfrey was not here tonight, but her best
that will become the policies of the united states tomorrow. with that, thank you for being here. i hope you get a lot out of today. it is my pleasure to introduce the first of two co-chairmen on renewable energy. he was the director of the california renewable energy commission and came back as commissioner as the california energy commission and was given credit for much of the policies for the state of california. [applause] i bring you greetings from the west coast. as historians look across the last several decades of our national energy policy, they are likely to find common pads, no matter which party is in power. had exceeded responsibilities, squandered opportunities, willful avoidance of unpleasant realities. it recently, that has started to change. whether we recognize it or not, there is a race under way. most of the major economies of the world are striving to radically expand the size of their domestic renewable energy markets in order to gain competitive advantage in the great growth industry of the 21st century. the president made a solemn commitment. in sacramento, they would sa
bedfellows and ha -- it reversed to an old notion of the united states as the world's policeman and suggested the united states pursue the next advancement of civilization. george step nop louse speaking for then bill clinton argued they were hoe deep spending cuts. and alan trance tone -- they wanted to make sure the united states was the only main hoverageo on the world block, the global big enchilada. the following day tyler report that had bureaucratic tribal war fare had broken out. i'm shocked. say that senior white house and state department officials have harshly criticizeed the draft pentagon policy statement and one administration official was quoted as that in no way or shape represents u.s. policy. and lost in the swirl of all this was the very sinch fact that pete williams, the spokesman, pointed out or even very widely in the government, a lot of people are making comments about a document they never actually read. >> and bart gelman tried do a better job of seting the document in some context. but by and large first impressions are very hard to chape. hard to shape. and i think
across the united states will see their benefits expire in january unless congress moves quickly. money expert jennifer westhoven is here. that's a staggering number. >>> this may be taking a lot of lawmakers by surprise a. new report says -- you remember just two weeks ago, we've been talking about this, the new law passed giving 14 to 20 weeks more. very helpful for a lot of families to get through the holidays. but according to this report, maybe some lawmakers didn't read the fine print. they were doing all these extensions, drafting them on to a bill that expires december 31st. and the new report says that expiration date still holds true so unless congress does something fast all the benefits would run out on january 1st. the timing pretty awful for every job, richard, there are six people out there job hunting. back to you. >> at least. and so i guess is it hopeful they will probably pass that extension we hope, i guess. >> this is a group so we have to see what congress makes of this as well. >> right. it will be quite a debate. no doubt. jennifer westhoven, thank you very much.
that are are unpopular. and he's a president of the united states being told by the military, mr. president, we can't defend those outposts and we need more people to do a countersurge insurgency. and i guess it these are correct and they puts 43,000 troops in, imagine the progressiveness, with the troops, if you don't advance health care. i think he'll find 10,000 and train the army because he's politically unsustainable with his base, if he puts in 43,000 troops and prosecutes afghanistan during a water with afghanistan as president, i think he'll have a democrat primary and that we'll have a substantial split mountain democrat party, if that's what he does. and i would argue this -- for our party, and the tensions between our kind of economic votes and our religious conservatives, the fact that the energy in republican party is about spending and deficit, if we're so inept we can't take these people and make them part of a new coalition, they we oughting to nothinged. the -- this are 24% of the people in this country who say they would likely vote for a third party and they're not strong republi
,000 people in the united states since april. the virus isn't getting more dangerous but the cdc is now counting lab confirmed cases and deaths from complications related to h1n1. >>> president obama got four options from advisers about afghanistan, and he turned them all down. a white house official says the president has growing doubts about the afghan government, and he wants an exit strategy before sending extra troops. so he sent all his staff recommendations back to the drawing board. former secretary of state colin powell supports the president's cautious approach. >> this is a very difficult one for him, and it isn't just a one-time decision. this is a decision that will have consequences for the better part of his administration. so, mr. president, don't get pushed by the left to do nothing. don't get pushed by the right to do everything. you take your time to figure it out. you're the commander in chief and this is what you were elected for. >>> well, part of what's making this decision so hard is the president's two top men in afghanistan completely disagree about bringing in
of country that has invested a lot of cash in the united states with the president now to try to accomplish at his trip's mid point. >>> plus, you might cry foul over drug companies raising prices by almost some 9% or 10%, besides the company being in a recession. is it profit or to cover research cost? all of that this morning or "morning express." i'm richard lui. >>> and gm is now saying it will start paying back more than $6 billion in loans by the end of this year. surprising some. much earlier than expected. gm said it lost more than $1 billion in the most recent quarter but that was far better than previous quarters. >> we feel confident we can begin the repayments as long as we can show the fact that we can pay back this investment. >>> and now we just learned searchers looking for a missing 5-year-old north carolina girl are now looking for her body. police say they have information that shania davis' remains may have been dumped near fayetteville. over the weekend they charged her mother with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. the man whom police say was see
of violent extremism within the united states. and i think that does pose particular issues with respect to the issue of citizens and noncitizens. so i like that issue as another area which we work with the other law enforcement intelligence agencies is a very difficult set of issues also raising questions of authority. >> if i could add to this, on this question. in general, if you had asked me that a year ago i would have said that i think that we need bright line rules, explainable to our clients, to our intelligence clyde scott our military community clients, and i think i do believe that. in general, i am a believer in, you know, bright line rules versus three or four part test that one has to try to apply in each instance, which inevitably requires lots of lawyers time. but i recognize that very often the issues are more complex than that but that is where the reception i start from. spiritless takes a more questions. i see we have a bunch of hands over there. >> good morning. my question is primarily for mr. johnson. >> can you again about your? >> patrick o'malley, university of
is a unique force of nato and non-nato members led by the united states of america, supported by clear united nations resolutions, and today our shared purpose in the same as in 2001 -- to deny al qaeda space to operate, but our approach to achieving this is now to be different. in december, 2007, our government became one of the first to suggest that afghanistan must be prepared to take control of the security. since then we've consistently argued that to weaken the taliban, we have to strengthen the afghan government at national levels and at local level, too. this approach is built on our knowledge that the taliban have only minority support among the afghan people. our judgment that the long-term security of afghanistan is best secured by training the afghan army and police, building up civilian government, and to economic development, giving afghans a stake in their future. this has to be supported by stronger international civilian leadership to work alongside general mcchrystal to deliver the civilian aspects of this strategy. it is an outline program for the transfer of security respo
, california. my husband is in the united states marine corps. hi, babe. the girls and i love you and miss you very much. your absence weighs heavy on our hearts and not a day goes by that you are not missed. we want to salute you and tell you we are so proud of our marines. we just want everyone to know that we have one of the best. the commitment to your family and country is admired and appreciated. we're counting down the days until your return, babe. we love you. >> if you have somebody in the service and you want to salute them, go to >>> the man accused of raping and killing a popular anchor woman faced the people who could decide his fate. curtis vance was in court yesterday for the start of jury selection. he could get the death penalty if convicted. anne pressly was found brutally beaten in her bed. she died days later. vance says police tricked him into giving a confession. >>> turns out gay couples may have a lot in common with straight married couples. nearly a third who identify themselves as married are raising children. 43% of married straight couples are raising
'm saluting my son. he's a corporal in the united states marine corps and, greg, we're so proud of you, of your whole family. we've mishd you so much during your deployment and can't wait for you to return home. you're such a role model for your younger brother, sister and all your cousins. we're so thankful for all your sacrifices. we miss your practical jokes, your laughing and your bear hugs. be safe and hurry home to us. you rock. >> if you have somebody in the service go to >>> a barking dog and a grandpa who learned cpr in the army 30 years ago save add little girl in texas from drowning. the 2-year-old had fallen into the family pool. she managed to squeeze through a doggie door and she was turning purple when her grandfather began cpr. >> she arched her back and opened her eyes and started moaning, and at that point i was pretty doubtful she was going to be okay. >> the girl spent the day in the hospital but is fine now, thank goodness. >>> now we've told you so much about how the detroit automakers have been struggling. some huge news, though, this morning. and
the son of senator charles goodell, wo was both a member of congress and a united states senator. roger goodell played football himself in college. and he's -- been with the -- with the -- with the national football league for many years. . . >> thank you, mr. chairman. ranking members met, and members of the committee, i submitted a false statement and ask it be included in your records. -- a full statement and ask it be included in your records. i can think of no issue to which i have devoted as much time and attention at -- then the help of nfl players, particularly retired players. i want to review what we've done in the past years to make sure -- to show what we have done. since i became commissioner, we've made a wide range of improvements in both benefits and administration of the disability plan. we've doubled the minimum benefit and lengthen the time within which players can provide -- apply for benefits. we obtained a new independent director. we have simplified the process for applicants and their families. each of these changes was made at our initiative. as we proceed did -
. the fdic's deposit guaranty is absolute, backed by the faith and credit of the united states government. this means we will always have access to the resources we need to protect insured depositors. for now, the credit adversely we have observed for some time remains with us. we expect that it will be at least a couple more quarters before we see a meaningful improvement in that trend. there are no quick fixes here. only careful hard work. we want to resolve banks that fail and ensure that the deposit insurance fund has the resources it needs to resolve failed institutions and protect depositors and to craft responsible policies that help banks work with borrowers where ever report ripper these things must be done to lay the foundation for a sounder and healthier financial system in the future. i'm optimistic, depending on what happens with the economy, that we address these problems head on, we will see clear signs of improvement in banks in 2010. thank you very much and i am ready to take your questions. >> what is your reaction to the regulatory reform effort that will give the gover
. >>> it was an incident that caused major diplomatic problems between the united states and iraq. a shoot-out that killed 17 iraqi civilians. now startling new reports about what an american company alleged ly did after the shootings. >>> the nation is honoring its military members past and present on veterans day today. president obama will take part in the wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. many other countries are honoring their veterans as well. for them the holiday primarily marks the signing of a truce to end world one. vaccines have arrived at guantanamo bay military prison. no detainees will be getting them until the facility's high-priority troops and health care workers have been vaccinated. but so far there aren't even enough doses available to do that. >>> good morning, sunshine. i'm robin meade. so glad you're with us today. 30 minutes past the hour. let's move ahead now to some of our other stories that we're talking about. thousands of people gathered yesterday to remember the victims of the ft. hood shootings but there are new developments in the investigation. corresp
. it's not just the united states doing that. there are many countries doing it. there is this concerted effort to help the world economy. at the closing bell the dow up more than 200 points closing out the day 10,226. powerful rallies with the nasdaq and s&p 500, too. >>> if you are traveling for the holidays, bring your laptop because google is playing santa. you can get free wi-fi at theth 47 of the nation's airports. the list includes miami, orlando, houston and pittsburgh. what google is hoping is that when you get the free wi-fi you'll set the google page as the home page on your browser and you'll try some of their other products. it's not just because they're nice. and we're going to have the whole list. we do have it now, the whole list of the airports participating on so maybe if you get delayed or something it could be a saver. >> it's like 47 airports. i think you'll be hard pressed to find one that doesn't participate in it. >> it's the major ones. >> thanks. >>> i know you remember the former astronaut accused of trying to kidnap roma
. it cationed the massive government response that took many forms in the united states and abroad, whether it was opening up the discount windows in a way we had never done before. emergency lending from the federal reserve, the increase in for the insurance both by statute, but also on a temporary systemic basis for transaction accounts. the extraordinary u.s. government guarantee of balance sheets of banks in this country and around the world as they issued debt. and of course the tarp capital investments that were made. i think it is fair to say that there were mistakes made as we went along this path of trying to respond to the crisis, but i think any fair reading of what happened would also get to the conclusion that it really did work to address this first terrible crisis of confidence that we had during this phase. and it did help restore reconfidence at a time when people were really doubtful about what was going to happen the next day in financial markets and in financial assets around the world. so thankfully, this first phase i believe it over. if i had some wood up here, i woul
-- that this senate, the united states senate -- is ready to tell the seniors of this country that they're going to cut $500 billion from the care that these seniors get in medicare. and that's a growing number of people. year after year more people are on medicare, but yet it's going to -- the cuts are going to be there. and the gimmicks, the budget gimmicks are astonishing. the price tag, the advertised price tag is an astonishingly large number. over $800 billion. you know, to get down to that astonishingly high number, they've used quite a few gimmicks. you get taxes, you get medicare cuts, and then you get the gimmicks. i visited with senator gregg from the budget committee earlier today. i know he's going to be on the floor to discuss the gimmicks. one of the things they've done is basically hide the true cost of the bill, and the true cost of the bill is going to be close to $2.5 trillion over a ten-year span. and they've done it by putting in a whole new program here called the community living assistant services and support act. it's a new federal long-term care program. what happens in
in the united states for the quarter. of course that's partly because of some of the big sales due to cash for clunkers helping the ford focus, the ford escape. you may not think of that as a green car but it met the rules. ford believes it will do fine even though the program is over. it says it will be solidly profitable in 2011. that's good news for not just detroit jobs but detroit spirits in a way. >> absolutely. i spent a lot of time in detroit inside the gm facility and it permiates the spirit of people in detroit. so good, good, good. good for them. jen westhoven, thank you. >>> jury selection today starts for a man accused of killing a tv anchor in arkansas. anne pressley found beaten in her bed and later died. curtis lavelle vance pleaded not guilty to all had charges. his attorneys say police coerced him into giving a dna sample before his arrest. >>> senator joe lieberman says he'll do anything he can to stop a health care bill that includes what is called a public option. yesterday he argued that kind of legislation would be worse than not getting a health care bill at all. de
step to restarting peace talks with the palestinians. >> now it falls on the united states senate to take the baton and bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the american people. and i'm absolutely confident that they will. >> a lot happened this weekend on health care. president obama yesterday speaking, as you saw there, congratulating the house after it narrowly passed a $1.2 trillion health care reform bill. it calls for a public option which might not get enough support to survive in the senate version as they try to put their two ideas together. a senate vote has not been scheduled yet. those are some of the stories we're following for you on this monday. hopefully, you're having a great start to your week. >>> you know the accused ft. hood gunman major nidal hasan is in critical but stable condition and just this morning there are growing signs he may is been embracing extremist ideas about islam. classmates at a military college say they complained about what they believed were his anti-u.s. views, including a presentation that justified suicide bombing. senato
the united states or western europe. and if this recovery in the far east continues the way it is we think we should be able to sell as much oil as we are selling now. and if there is a bonus of growth in europe and north america at least studies by small amount and there may be room for small increment in the quantity of oil in the market but at the moment we don't see that there is such likelihood, but what i said earlier was in the event of the international market calling for more oil to keep the price is within reasonable level then we are ready to put more. ? if not, on this vote, the yeas are 60, the nays are 39. three-fifths of the senators duly chosen and sworn having voted in the affirmative, the moti needs deliberation. is co medicaid. 46% ofe to fix the problems in bitterly, bitterly opposed in this united states senate by know, one of the things that i'd say to my change their vote? if not, on this vote, the yeas are 60, the nays are 39. three-fifths of the senators duly chosen and sworn having voted in the affirmative, the moti needs deliberation.
in the united states. it is simply that this country, the historic and the contemporary paragon of market capitalism runs its water systems on a thoroughly lamb was modeled from top to bottom. david thank you 13 talk of california. it is the people's republic of california. [laughter] because the philosophy and political theory of water in this country is all seeing state must deliver water has a free good tall times to all people. its sharp contrast to a nasty capitalist model which would require people in a deficient system to pay for water. >> ok. [applause] presentation, would want to be the mayor of an american city. [laughter] this is a kind of a little bit of group therapy. we thought instead of having one of them there would be comfortably ahead for together and we do have an extraordinarily broad set of cities and regions represented. actually one from each timezone. i'm going to introduce each of the mayors and then we will have a conversation about 10:45 we will open it up to questions and we will have time for a half an hour of questions. on my immediate left is michael nutter
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